Preserve Current Location

I was working on a long outline in Notenik and constantly flipping back and forth between Display and Edit modes to check my formatting.

Neither mode took to me to the current cursor location. So I’d have to scroll to that spot in Edit (because Find only seems to work in Display).

I wonder if it would be possible to go to the cursor location of the current mode when switching to the alternate mode?


This is something that’s been requested before, and it’s probably something I need to look into one of these days. It would be really nice, I have to confess. But I’d have to do some digging to figure out how to make it happen (even though it sounds relatively simple).

Thanks for considering it. I’m sure it’s not as simple as it sounds. But as nice as it sounds.

I was playing around with this today, and I finally noticed that Notenik already seems to be restoring the scroll location in the body field when leaving and returning to the Edit tab. Are others seeing this as well? If so, I would need some clarification on what more is needed on the Edit tab.

I can confirm that the scroll position is restored. I was after the insertion point myself.

Switching to Display always shows the top of the file, regardless of the scroll position (where there wouldn’t be an insertion point of course).

Then, too, trying to use Find in Edit mode to get back to where I was always switches me to Display. It would be nice if Find worked in either mode. You know, while you’re at it. :slight_smile:

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OK. Thanks for the clarification. Lots of stuff to put in the hopper for future work.

Sorry to dump it all at once but it’s just a few things I encountered when actually composing and editing a long outline (see The Trek to Ventura for how it was published).

I’d pasted long reference articles into a Collection before but just gave them a once-over edit since I didn’t author them. This was the first time I edited a long note.

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing the results with me and the rest of the community! And thanks for the Notenik shout-out!

No problem with reporting all of these requests. I just need to pace myself in terms of trying to tackle them!

Just commenting to say this is something I’d really appreciate as well if implemented.


Good to know. Thanks!

I’ve just posted a new beta. This doesn’t address all of the requests in this chain, but it does attempt to address the issue of restoring the Display tab scroll position when going back and forth between the Edit and Display tabs on long notes.

Please let me know how this works for everyone.


I’ve just posted another new beta that provides an option for somewhat synchronized scrolling. Very interested to hear feedback from the community about this. It works fairly well for me in somewhat limited use cases – very interested to hear if it’s at all helpful for others!