“pt” should be “em” in Display Appearance... > Headings display size

I was flummoxed for a bit, by what turned out to be essentially a small typo in the Display Appearance… dialog.

All became clear when I read §8.1 in the NKB under “Display Size”:

If you have selected the Headings setting, then you will be asked to choose an em value…

But the prompt is pt, whether the user has selected Body or Headings.

A small point, but one I thought I should emphasize.

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That’s a good catch! Fixing that now… Should be corrected in the next release. Thanks!

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This looks to be nicely solved in beta 12.5.3!

Sometimes Discourse lets you mark a post as “solved” or “answered.” I went to do so, but that seems not to be set up for this forum. Is there something else I ought to do?

You make a good point. I’m starting to implement a system using the following tags:

  • reported
  • confirmed
  • worked
  • tested
  • released
  • closed

But I’ll probably restrict access to these.

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This looks great!

FYI, I don’t seem to be able to assign any tags at all (other than, curiously:

  • released x32
  • version-10-0-0 x7
  • version-960 x7
  • version-970 x7
  • version-990 x7

) — but of course it’s perfectly OK if you don’t want users to do so. :slight_smile:

Sorry I didn’t reply earlier here – right now, it just seems easiest for me to assign the tags.