Quick Capture via a global shortcut

I was wondering if there is a global shortcut to quickly capture something which is copied?

If not, would such a feature be useful?

Manoj, perhaps you could elaborate on what it is that you’re looking for here? I’m not sure I understand.

Hi Herb

Check the screenshot, when I press this custom shortcut from anywhere on my screen, my other notetaking app pops up a quick capture box. Thought it might be a handy tool if enough users think it will help.

Thanks for the clarification! I see what you mean now. I can probably add a custom action for the next release, and you could then use a Shortcut to invoke it, and you could then add your global keyboard shortcut to the shortcut. Sounds like a cool idea!

Version 10.0.0 is out, and it includes a custom Shortcuts action to add a Note. See attached for an example.
Add Note From Text.shortcut (22.0 KB)