Quote includes do not render in notes

Hello Herb,

It’s terrific how notes with a quote class automatically render within blockquote elements without the user having to actually make a quote class themselves. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the class distinction given to these notes will be suffixed to include commands in the form of include-quote so that the Work Title and Work Author fields will be included as well. Naively, I had tried to put a Markdown syntax > before include commands in the past to no avail. This is a relief.

However, the body of the included quote does not appear in the note that the include command is placed in.

The furthest I’ve gone to troubleshoot this is:

  • ensuring that my home directory accessible in the app
  • normalizing storage for both collections,
  • forgetting shortcuts
  • rendering the collection that has the notes I want to include notes inside of without a custom display file.

In my particular case, the primary notes collection is a sibling to the parent directory of the quotes collection (i.e., the quotes collection is a subdirectory of the result of a “Commonplace w/ Lookups” starter template). This problem also occurs in notes of the same collection.

I hope this information is useful. As always, thank you for providing quality software.

I’ve attached some sample collections for forensics if necessary.

Slipbox Test.zip (5.0 KB)
Commonplace Test.zip (44.6 KB)

Great to see you active in the forum (even if it was a bug that motivated your appearance)!

Let me look into this. Thanks for the ample documentation of the issue.

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I’m sorry Herb. Please allow me to explain my absence…

I had a relatively prolonged excursion with the Java releases of Notenik and URL Union while using an OpenBSD machine and was unsure how my thoughts on the experience of running Notenik Classic & Company™ would gel with the rest of the community. My intrigue in the new Note ID features is what brought me back to the mainland.

I semi-seriously started a draft asking for the return of the CDE Motif GUI theme and the vertical notes pane but decided against it.

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Well, glad to have you back!

Sounds like an interesting excursion you had there!

Yes, that was one of the things I liked about Java was the ease with which you could switch between a horizontal divider and a vertical divider.

Holy Moly! That picture is from before my time. I have to say, I really appreciate the visual clarity that the old user interface elements provided. Perhaps that is simply because I worked with them for years.

Thanks for reporting this! I believe I’ve fixed it. Check out the latest beta and let me know!

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