Removing trailing 0 in seq

I like that the sequence number is added to the title in the display but have noticed that if i have a seq number such as 1.2.0 then the trailing 0 is stripped from it to leave 1.2.. Could the full number specified be included in the display?

For additional context, i am trying to set up Notenik to manage release notes for various products.

(and as a side note / quick question…if i have a seq that is formatted like 1-2-1 then it gets transformed in the display title to 1.2.1 (which i like!). Am wondering if that variable modification is available to me in an output template?)

I’ll have to work a bit on preserving the trailing 0 – I like the idea of having an option, though.

You could try the word demarcation variable modifier and see if that works to do what you want, in terms of dashes vs. periods.

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