Selected image is not being preserved during navigation

I’m seeing a nasty abberation when using an image field.

I’ve stubbed out a set of notes to create an outline of the document that I’m going to create. It’s going to be a presentation. They are all titles at present. Now I’m stepping through them, and attaching an image.

In some cases, I attach the wrong image, so I attach a second image, enter edit mode, select the new image name from the selector and save. When I do that the correct image is displayed. Very good.

I’ve just noticed that when I navigate away, and return to the note, the initial image selected. Even more distressing is that, opening the note in edit mode, I can see that the image selector displays the original image name, not the most recently saved image name.

This collection is stored locally, not in iCloud, so I don’t expect any odd synching problems.

I’m attaching screenshots to illustrate.

Navigate away. When we return we are faced with a screen showing the original image.

Odd stuff that occurred earlier in the same collection to do with images:
I had attached the wrong image to another note. I went to attach the correct image but was reminded that I couldn’t use the same trailing name. I then deleted the image via Finder and added the image. Notenik retained the original image in memory and displayed it. ⌘-J and Option-⌘-J where not sufficient to shift it. It required a quit and restart.

Thanks for reporting this. Let me look into it. But I’ve got a vacation coming up next week, so I may not be able to fix it right away.

See if this new beta fixes the problem for you.

Turns out it might have been an easier fix than I had first thought.

That seems to fix the immediate issue.

There seems to be something going on which runs a bit deeper.

Notenik doesn’t like it when I move files around via the command line or Finder. While testing this issue I added and removed some images stored in /files. When I returned to Notenik, the note no longer displayed an image and the image field for the note was empty.

The lesson may be to have Notenik closed when doing that sort of operation.

Enjoy your vacation!

Yes, if you open or reload a Collection with an image attachment misplaced or misnamed, or just view/reload a Note with its image file missing, then Notenik will no longer regard the image name as valid, and it will be lost.

Perhaps this is what happened?

What happened: there were several attachments for the note. One was selected for the image field. In Finder, I deleted the “other” attachments. When I viewed the note, the image previously selected was no longer selected.

As users don’t have a way within Notenik to remove attachments from the list, I would tag this as a bug. The main reason for that, is that it modifies data in the note. And because this happens invisibly to the user, problems can ensue.

Yes, the whole file attachment management functionality is probably due for an upgrade.

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