Sonoma (aka macOS 14) Status

The new version of macOS, Sonoma, is coming next Tuesday, Sep. 26.

I have not done any beta testing of Notenik on Sonoma – or on any of the other major macOS releases that have occurred over the last several years.

Why is this? Well first, because I’m not a professional developer, and I don’t have a huge user base. Also, I don’t have a second Mac on which to do beta testing. Also, I generally stay away from any cutting-edge technologies, and so don’t expect anything I’m doing in Notenik to break.

So far this has worked out well. But I wanted to let you all know in advance that this is what’s going on.

Once Sonoma becomes available next week, I will upgrade as soon as possible, and try out Notenik, and let you know the results. I don’t expect any problems but, as we know, Apple is sometimes full of surprises.

So now you know what’s going on.