Suggestions for Additional Videos?

It seems that many users would like to see additional Notenik videos.

I’m wondering if there is any consensus about additional topics to be covered?

I’m glad that people have found the Notenik 101 video to be useful. But the content for an introductory video is not too hard to figure out.

When we get to a Notenik 201 video, though, I’m wondering if the community has any shared ideas about what topics should come next?

If we could narrow possible topics down to one or two, then I think that might be doable. But I’m not sure I’m ready to take on much more than that.


  1. Queries and Reports (such a useful feature)
  2. Different Collection types: show the variety of them, illustrating their special features.
  3. Generating a web site from a notenik collection. Power tool.

As a pretty basic user of Notenik, I think Malcolm’s suggestions are spot on. Seems super useful!

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This is a high priority for me.