Tagging within a collection of web bookmarks

So in the Knowledge Base, I see (16.2, step № 4):

Enter your tag in the format ‘Favorites.xxx’ where ‘xxx’ is the category you wish to assign to the note. The first part of the tag must be ‘favorites’, although the case (upper or lower) is not significant.

If you have a lot of bookmarks you wish to track in Notenik, then they don’t all need to have the ‘Favorites’ tag. In fact, a maximum of about 60 is recommended.

I find this confusing. if the tag must be in the format Favorites.xxx, how is it that the “Favorites” tag is optional? If I didn’t want to use “Favorites,” must I use something else? How should it be formatted? What are the other options? Must I have some favorites?

Or can it just be any tag at all, with an optional sub-tag?

I’d appreciate any guidance you could give…

I can see how this could be confusing.

If you just want to track a bunch of bookmarks and launch them from within Notenik – or use a Merge Template to output them in some custom format – then you can ignore the Favorites discussion.

The Favorites instructions are only relevant if you want to use the Favorites Query to create a single page containing your favorite bookmarks.

In my case, for example, I save this page to my website, and then use this page as my home page in all of my browsers.

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Perfectly clear. Thank you!