Text cursor movement with ⌘→

Brand-new user here. Very impressed with Notenik. I’m just now entering a bunch of records in a new sequenced-note collection.

I’ve noticed that, in the editing pane, although ⌘← does move my text cursor as expected to the beginning of the line I’m editing, ⌘→ does not move it to the end of the line I’m editing.

For now, I’ve created a Keyboard Maestro macro that simulates typing ⌥↓ whenever my ⌘→ muscle memory gets the best of me — but any chance you could add the usual ⌘→ key binding?

But my goodness. At first blush, anyway, Notenik appears to be the data tool I’ve been yearning for since HyperCard disappeared…

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It seems likely that I should’ve posted this under #annoyances . If so, please feel free to move it!

I see what you mean. I should have this issue fixed in the next release, which should be out in a week or two. Thanks for reporting it!

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This has been fixed in the 10.7.0 release, which is out today. Thanks for reporting the problem!