The Wrong copy is Deleted when Deleting a Duplicated Note

I’m not sure how I duplicated a note. I noticed that the note title appeared twice in the list.

After inspecting both of them it was apparent that the duplication had occurred a little earlier and that one copy (first in the list) was current and the other (second in the list) was stale. I selected the stale note and deleted it. I then selected the remaining note title and found that the current version had been deleted.

I’m not able to stop and test this more thoroughly at the moment to see if I made errors. I wanted to make a record of it while its fresh in memory.

OK, there’s more to the weirdness now.

  1. The duplicated note was one of a pair of notes that contained wikilink style links so that I could switch between them. The links had been working nicely, now the link to the duplicated note does not work. The outward link works, other links work. I tried recreating it but that made no difference.

  2. The Increment Status command no longer works for this note. It works in all other notes.

currently using v13.7.4

Notenik should not ever allow a Note to be duplicated with exact same title – one of them should have a number appended to the end of the title in order to differentiate them.

If you do see the exact same title appearing twice in the list, then that would mean probably something broke inside of Notenik, and the app is not working right, and you should probably Quit and Relaunch Notenik.

Yes, when I use the duplicate command I usually see a number appended to the title.

In this case, I didn’t deliberately duplicate the note. I’m assuming that I fumbled a keyboard command. However, it was a note with a long title. In list view the title was truncated and in the display I didn’t pay attention to the title, only to the body.

Fortunately I didn’t lose much and it only took a minute to update.