Updating the Syntax for "Copy and Paste Wikilink" Command Between Collections

I’m unsure when the ability to use Wikilinks (and include files) between collections was added. I love it by the way.

Currently though, the “Select a Note…” (Control-S) command pastes links from other collections as normal Markdown links ([Label](url)). I gather that this is from a time when there was no established syntax for cross-collection Wikilinks. It would be useful if copying and pasting Wikilinks between collections from the “Select a Note…” window pasted wikilinks in the format as described in the Knowledge Base e.g. [[authors/Abraham Lincoln]]; that is, prepending the collection’s shortcut and a forward slash to the title of the note corresponding note.

I hope that this suggestion is not an inconvenience to your current developmental roadmap. I appreciate seeing cross-collection linkability continue to grow how it has.

Thank you.

@ThePrinter Sorry to be so late in replying to this (and another request of yours). Part of my excuse is that I’ve been on vacation, but also somehow this item and another one never really showed up for me as new.

Let me look into this and see what I can do. Thanks for the request!

No worries, thanks for your time. I hope that all is well!

I think you’ll find this works better in 11.7.0. Let me know if not!