User Defined List Views Separated from Sort Order

I’m withdrawing this as a feature request because I had missed the all-round usefulness of Queries and Reports.

Queries and Reports do what I want.

The UI for those features got in the way of me understanding them to some extent. As a beginner it’s very easy to take a wrong turn. I did that many times. That didn’t help, but after staring at the knowledge base, and a lot of muttering, I’m getting the output that I want.


This is two requests, but the functionality is closely linked.

Control the List Display and Control the Sort Order.

I’d like to be able to modify the list view for a collection. Currently the list view is controlled by the sort commands. I want to control Sort and Display separately. (Although the current actions ⌘-0 to ⌘-9 are really productive).

In my most active collection of notes I have Status, Rank ( labelled as Priority), and Sequence. I want to be able to see all three columns in the list view, in addition to the title.

I use status as it is planned: idea gets proposed and moves through work stages to completion.

I use rank to set Priorities (which may be set by others) 0 - Low … 4 - High.

I use sequence to manage the running order for equivalent tasks.

I would like to be able to have simple sorts ( sort by one column ) that toggle by clicking the list header.

I would like to have complex sorts ( sort by several columns), e.g., Status, Priority, Seq. And to be able to mix the sort order, i.e., Status ( 0-9), Priority (9-0), Seq (0-9). This example sort would group by status putting ideas first and completed items last, then by priority putting high priority first, and finally by sequence .

I’m glad that you have been able to wrap your head around the queries and reports functionality. As you’ve discovered, it’s pretty powerful, but not necessarily very intuitive.

If you have any suggestions for how to make the functionality easier to understand, that would be great!

A lot of my confusion stemmed from mistaken expectations. For instance, I had thought the scripter window would allow me to open a script and view or edit it but it doesn’t do that. It’s a very specific style of editor and that behaviour needs explanation.

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I’m adding the following to the Knowledge Base:

The Scripter window allows the user to record or play a script file. It does not allow editing of an existing script file, which must be done using your trusty text editor.

The Scripter window will open automatically when you play a script file, as when you double-click a script file found when opening a [[Parent Realm]].

To record a new script, use the menu item beneath the Window menu.

The Scripter window allows the user to build and then execute one line at a time.

The top of the window provides one input control for each of the five [[Script File Columns]].

The first three controls, for the first three columns, are drop-down menus. The other two are simple text input boxes.

If you select the drop-downs from left to right, starting with the Module value, then the later drop-downs will be tailored based on your earlier choices.

Clicking on the @ button, to the right, will allow the user to select a file/folder to fill in the Value column.

Once all of the desired values have been input, click on the Go button to actually execute the line.

In order to record a script, you must start with the Script module. Execute an open output command, followed by a record command, in order to start recording.

At this point, following lines will be executed, and also recorded in the designated script file.

When you have finished entering all of your desired script commands that you wish to become part of the script, you must execute a script stop command in order for your script to be saved.