Using Tags in the Select Note for Action window

User email worded this request as follows:

The main feature of nv-alt and The Archive that I like is the way search works. If you type a tag in the search bar using #tag, the note list immediately updates to show just the relevant notes containing that tag. Then you can traverse the list of relevant notes with the up or down keys.

You have something like this already using the sidebar Tag list, but Notenik requires you to locate the tag then click on the > to drop down the list of notes with that tag. It’s slower and less intuitive than the nvALT approach. And searching for the tag in the Search bar or using Advance Search doesn’t show you the relevant list of notes; the sidebar List display continues to show all notes, and you have to search for them one at a time using the Find or Find Again command.

I find having the list shrink to just the relevant notes is extremely useful to getting an overview of your notes on the tagged subject and zeroing in on the (most) relevant notes

After pointing out the availability of the Select Note for Action menu item, the user further clarified:

I hadn’t seen Section for Action before. It’s definitely handy, but limited in that the search term has to be in the title field. If it worked with #tags it would be exactly what I describe in #1.

Quick Search in iA Writer is a nice implementation of something similar.

I think it prioritises the file name first, and then full text search of each note.

The latest version also searches across Locations (similar to Notenik Collections), but always lists results from the current location first.

You can also complete a similar search action to NvAlt where the sidebar notes list is reduced to showing the notes relevant to the current query.

I mention the sidebar action because I think it’s interface design is closer in spirit to Notenik, versus NvAlt’s dominant title bar + fuzzy search paradigm.

I’ve implemented some improvements to address this issue in 11.2.0.