Variable modifier help

Hello -

Is there a variable modifier or series of modifiers that can transform e.g. 1.0.0 to 100?

Feel like I have tried every possible combination but cannot quite get what i need.

Any advice appreciated.

Not sure there is anything right now. Could you share a bit more of your use case? What would this transformation do for you? Two questions here, I guess: Why are the periods there in the first place? Why do you want them removed?

It is for an xml file that I use for software updates. The version number is 1.0.0 but the build number is 100 (or should become 2301 etc). It seems overkill to have to have 2 separate fields to handle this when the numbers (in my use case) are always related in this way.

And would also use the version without dots in the file name. Which I would prefer over replacing the dots with dashes (which I can do currently with the existing modifiers).

OK. Let me add this to the list.

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