Version 10.5.0 Released onOctober 10, 2022

Version 10.5.0 includes the following enhancements:

  • Wiki Links will now look for a singular variation, as well as a plural variation;

  • Slight variations in AKA values will now be suppressed from a list of contents;

  • Duplicate windows for a parent realm will no longer be opened;

  • Added a merge variable modifier to prep a value for JSON storage;

  • Added several new derived variables for ease of formatting attributions and citations;

  • Added a new menu command to forget about all Collection shortcuts, so that Notenik’s memory of these can be cleared and restarted;

  • the Page Type field obtained when generating an Index has been expanded to make it more generally useful;

  • Several other small improvements were made.

See the Version History entry for details.

Hey Herb, I was wondering if you’d be able to describe some use cases of yours where you found benefit in JSON. I’ve always been interested in the JSON format. I checked out what was recorded in the documentation but was curious how you implement it personally.

I use JSON to create tables I could access from JavaScript, in order to implement search functionality for my websites.

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That is impressive. Thank you.