Version 10.7.0 Released on November 4th, 2022

This latest release includes a number of nice enhancements:

  1. Added Rank as a new field type, combining a number for sorting with a label for understanding;

  2. Added a new merge template variable modifier to extract the text from the right side of a field such as Rank;

  3. Eliminated CMD Right Arrow as a Notenik-specific keyboard shortcut, freeing it up for its normal usage to move the cursor to the end of a line of text;

  4. Vertical bars (aka pipe symbols) may now be used to supply visible text for a wiki link that is different from the title of the target note;

  5. Enabled an alternate syntax for note/file inclusion, to increase note interoperability with other software packages;

  6. A field label of ‘Category’ no longer forces the field to a Tags type;

  7. Implemented a fix for image paths that included note titles that included question marks, since these were no longer working in Ventura without percent sign URL encoding.

See the Knowledge Base for further info.