Version 11.1.0 Released on December 20, 2022

This release contains a few nice enhancements.

First of all, when you change column width(s) on the List tab, those new widths will now be restored for you the next time you open the Collection. This should prove handy for most users.

Second, the Notenik General Settings now contain a couple of optional fields where you can enter a Microblog Handle and a Microblog Domain. Although not explicitly labeled as such, these are primarily intended for use with Mastodon. These enable a couple of new features.

When you invoke the Share w/Options window, and select Microblog Post as the Format, and Copy to Clipboard as the Destination, then Notenik will automatically open the Microblog Domain for you in your Web browser – on the assumption that you will then want to paste your formatted post into the appropriate text entry block for your microblogging service.

The other feature enabled by these microblog entries is a convenience item beneath the Notenik menu to view your Mastodon profile.

Hope you find these useful! Feedback always welcome!

(And oh, btw, my fairly new Mastodon handle is )

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