Version 11.2.0 Released on January 6, 2023

Welcome to the first Notenik release of the new year!

This one actually has a lot of stuff in it.

  • Tags on the Display Tab are now clickable links;

  • Added a Custom URL command to expand a tag, on the Tags tab;

  • A Hash Mark in the Search field now restricts the search to the Tags field;

  • The ‘Select a Note…’ window now also recognizes a leading hash mark as an indication that the user wants to search the Tags field;

  • Powerful new Import Settings were added for CSV imports, allowing the user to control potential merging of imported data with existing data;

  • Improved HTML block recognition, now including recognition of a starting script tag;

  • The Title field is now checked to ensure that no unreasonable characters (such as carriage returns) are included;

  • Improved handling of Collection titles, including new settings to control how default ones are formed.

See the Knowledge Base for all the details.

Let me know if questions, concerns or suggestions for further improvements!

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