Version 11.8.0 Released on April 19, 2023

See the release notes for all the details, but here’s a brief list of improvements in this new version:

  • Added ability to export to an EPUB;
  • added ability to supply header, nav and footer elements, to be shown throughout a Collection (and put to use within the Notenik Knowledge Base);
  • improvements to the Knowledge Base index;
  • improved ability to cite authors and their works;
  • added title-page as a standard class value;
  • improved internal identification for footnotes and citations, allowing multiple notes to be combined while still ensuring a unique identifier for each such reference.

There are a couple of items in here that might be of interest to most users:

  1. Navigation of the Notenik Knowledge Base is improved, including a much improved index – thanks to @ThePrinter for some useful suggestions here!

  2. Notenik can now generate a working EPUB from a Web Book. As an example of how you might use this, I’m currently using a Notenik Collection (organized with Seq and Level fields) to plan a family vacation. Once it’s finalized, I’ll export it as an EPUB and send it to all of our family members, each of whom can then add it to Apple Books, and then access it from their iPhones and iPads!

Enjoy! And, as always, let me know if any questions, issues, or suggestions for further improvements!