Version 12.1.0 Released on May 22, 2023

The new version contains not one, but two, new outline commands:

  • {:outline-headings}
  • {:outline-bullets}

The first command generates disclosure triangles for embedded headings, while the second command does something similar for unordered lists. Also, as a bit of a bonus, when you place the {:outline-bullets} command just before a {collection-toc} command, the Collection Table of Contents will be generated with disclosure triangles!

Also, the OPML import options have been expanded to allow an outline to be imported into any of three formats: a multi-note outline, using the Seq and Level commands; a single-note outline, using headings; or a single-note outline, using unordered lists.

Thanks to @marimba, @ThePrinter and @mrpasini for beta testing and valuable feedback that helped to improve this release!

See the Knowledge Base for details.

As usual, let me know if questions, comments or problems, or suggestions for further improvements!