Version 12.4.0 Released on June 28, 2023

There’s another new version of Notenik that has just been approved for release to the Mac App Store. The latest release includes the following improvements:

  • Added two new field types: an Address field, for storing a street address that can be used with Apple Maps, and a Directions field, that can be used to store both a from and to address that can, again, be used with Apple Maps;

  • Added a new Collection Setting to control the sorting of blank dates (before or after Notes with non-blank dates);

  • Added a Markdown Calendar command that can be used to format a traditional-looking calendar using the dates in a Collection;

  • Improved next and prior navigation within a Collection, to improve retention of prior Notes visited;

  • Fixed a few bugs (including one sequence bug that could have caused a crash).

All of the details can be found in the Knowledge Base.