Version 12.5.0 Released on July 21, 2023

This latest release has just been approved. It includes all of the improvements that have been beta tested by the community over the past couple of weeks.

More specifically:

  • Web Location Files Now Appear within a Parent Realm;

  • Scroll Positions on Display and Edit Tabs can now be optionally synchronized;

  • Tab Spacing has been Adjusted in Edit Mode so that tabs should now be as wide as four characters;

  • Added a Menu Command to Rerun Last Script;

  • Additional Info on Static Website Generation is now available in the Knowledge Base;

  • Additional Tips for Visually Impaired Users are also available now.

Thanks to everyone for the suggestions and discussions and beta testing and contributions that went into this release.

More to come in future releases, but I wanted to get this group of solid improvements out to everyone.

Details can be found in the Knowledge Base.