Website Building

A couple of community members have said they’re interested in more info about how I use Notenik to build my websites.

I’ve put together a general workflow here, on the Adventures with Notenik blog:

Once you’ve looked over the workflow, are there specific areas that are more mysterious than others?

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This was a thorough introduction to website building. I appreciate how your guides depict how to build a collection from scratch as opposed to using the starter collections.

The assortment of starter collections are great for when I want to get running quickly and I don’t expect my needs to deviate beyond what’s provided. But as I am getting more comfortable in Notenik, my use cases are becoming more diverse. Learning how to start from scratch strengthens my understanding of Notenik’s fundamentals, fundamentals that I think begin with comprehending fields as the guiding components that help you start a collection, thus complimenting the use case you have in mind. Even if you haven’t thought your use case out all the way yet, thinking your way through the first three steps of this guide will help you tremendously.

The beauty of this walkthrough is that you can erase any references to websites and it will inform the reader of the fundamentals of planning and building a collection for any purpose.

Thank you, Herb.

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