Wikilinks and Backlinks

I’ve set up the ‘Lexicon Of Song’ collection for my digital garden ideas as described. All is fine - but I can’t figure out how to represent Wikilinks/Backlinks in my Website.

  • Could them be displayed in a website that was created with the Notenik app like ‘Lexicon Of Song’ (class ‘page’)?
  • or, how am I able to create a website (export) with header and footer - like the Notenik Knowledge Base?

Thank a lot for your help

That’s a really good question, and not one I had considered before! Let me give this a good think and see what might be done.

I think I’ve worked out a solution. When using a Merge Template, you will be able to use the ‘o’ variable modifier after either a wikilinks or a backlinks variable to convert the values to HTML, and display them in a way that will be consistent with the way they appear on the Display tab within Notenik. For example:


As it happened, I was just about ready to submit 10.8.0 to the App Store for release when I saw your post this morning, and was able to shoehorn this latest enhancement into that version. Hopefully it will be available tomorrow, or later today.

Thank you for the lightning-fast response. I will try your newest version.

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