You can add links easily to a Notenik collection using Hook

Hook is programmed to play very well with Notenik

A very good feature of this relationship is that you can seamlessly add links to websites by evoking Hook in Safari for example (have not tried in other browsers), and using CONTROL-COMMAND-N (Hook to New... and select Notenik) or COMMAND-N (to Hook to Notenik directly if it is selected as your default app for Hook notes). This will add a new note in the active Notenik collection (not sure what the result is when multiple collection are open, perhaps the most recent active collection) with the website’s page title as the note title and the URL conveniently placed in the Link field.

This is very useful if you have for example a collection for Bookmarks and want a seamless way to add links to the collection. From there, you can build relationships between these two sources (the website itself and the Notenik note associated to it) however you want, be it with more, deeper Hook links across other applications or in your Notenik collection(s), or both.

I think that today is the last day to get Hook for 25% off by the way. It’s well worth the money. It’s fitting that Hook and Notenik work so well together, both are very well thought out applications

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