Beta Version 12.0.1 Available for Testing on May 13th, 2023

This beta has a new feature for outlining within a Note, and I’m interested in getting feedback on it.

This beta version is no longer available. Look for a later beta release or the most recent Mac App Store release.

Just checked it the outlining feature. I think that it’s pretty nifty and could fare usefully in a lot of different Collection types.

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I added an entry to an existing Collection like this:

# Top Level

## Second Level

And some stuff here.

But the display shows:


What did I do wrong?

Are you running the new beta?

Yes. Version 12.0.1 (468)

And you’re using the Notenik parser? Are you using a custom display template? Trying to think what might be different about your setup that would cause it not to work…

Ah, found it. I couldn’t see it at first but I had pasted a space before {:outline} and that was the problem.

FYI, yes to the parse and custom template. But it works:


I see it doesn’t honor the head’s level or text under it. It would be great if those could be indented appropriately.

Oh good. I’m glad you found the problem!

The indentation is controlled by CSS. This version supplies some new default CSS to provide appropriate indenting, but if you’re supplying your own CSS then this wouldn’t have any effect.

Finally got around to trying the outline command in a new Collection and (just to confirm) the indenting works as advertised.

I wonder what sort of Collection I should define, though, if I just wanted an outline. Or if I could use an outline to link to the other documents in the Collection (well, I’m sure it’s possible; I just haven;t tried it).

Anyway, fascinating new option to an increasingly indispensable tool.