Outline Command

The 12.0.1 beta has a new feature on which I would appreciate some feedback.

The new feature is a Markdown {:outline} command.

Place this at the beginning of your body field, and subsequent headings will appear with disclosure triangles, and clicking on a triangle will reveal the text following the heading (up to the next heading of the same level).

See this page on one of my websites for an example of the output that is produced.

This all seems rather simple and straightforward and useful, but I’m not aware of something like this being available from another Markdown tool, so I’m wondering if I’m missing something?

Feedback would be appreciated (on the concept, at least, even if you don’t have time to download and test the beta). Thanks!

I’ve started using the new feature. I like it.

A suggestion: it could be useful to allow selection of the level of ‘collapse’. For example {:outline 3} collapses all level 3 headings and below.

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Thanks for the feedback! I like your suggestion to allow the user to select the level of ‘collapse’. I think that should be doable.

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