Beta Version 13.6.3 Available for Testing on December 27th, 2023

This adds a Refresh Button for Reports, as recently suggested by @Malcolm.

It also makes some improvements to the Collection Table of Contents.

Any and all testing will be appreciated! (13.0 MB)

Circular lookups may cause crashing

This beta crashed when I opened a particular collection works based on the commonplace book with lookups.

Notenik did not crash with other collections.

The works collection had a lookup to authors and the authors collection had a lookup back to works. I had only just added the circular lookup last night immediately before seeing that a new beta was available, so I don’t know if it would have crashed in the previous version. When I edited the authors template via BBEdit and removed the lookup to works the crashing stopped.

Yes, I have no doubt that it was the circular lookup that caused the crash, and it would have happened with older versions as well as the current beta.