Refresh button for Reports

Does it make sense to refresh a report?

I’ve set up a few reports. Some are static snapshots. Other reports are volatile. My personal to-do list is a report arranged by priority ( status ) and seq. This report gets stale very quickly. Some tasks only take a few minute to perform and document. Some tasks change priority, some get blocked, some generate new tasks which have can have higher priority than other things on my list. All these mean that my to-do list needs to be updated. I’d like to be able to Refresh the existing report, rather than close it and then create a new report.

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This sounds like a good suggestion. I’ll try to find some time to work on this.

See the latest beta and let me know how this works for you!

I’ll load and test,

thank you.

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Thanks for implementing this. It’s definitely easier.

This afternoon I noticed that I had about a dozen windows named “Script Output.” This reflects the number of times I updated that report today. I was a little surprised because I had thought the report was updating within the same window.

I wouldn’t call this a bug, but I wonder whether you think that it makes more sense to re-use the same window?

Let me look into this.

See the latest beta. This should fix the problem.