Beta Version 13.7.3 Available for Testing on January 18th, 2024

This should several user requests/issues:

  1. In response to the request from @wgrace to add Tabular numerals in the notes list, the Display Fonts functionality has been expanded to allow the user to make font selections for the List Tab, in addition to the Display Tab.

  2. In response to the Bug Report from @Malcolm noting that the Rename Field Deletes that field in the current note, this issue has been corrected.

  3. In response to the comment from @Malcolm that The new Query Refresh button was leaving multiple Query windows open, this too has been corrected.

Please let me know how these changes work for you! Thanks! (13.1 MB)

I can confirm that the rename field bug no longer deletes that field in the current note.

Also, the Refresh button in the query window now re-uses the current window.