Tabular numerals (or monospace font) in notes list

I sometimes like to prefix the date to my notes for certain groups:

Screenshot 2024-01-15 at 14.23.17

I would love to have these lineup neatly by the font using Tabular Lining figures. Or failing that, being able to change the font to a monospace.

Slightly off-topic, a long time ago the mac system font used tabular lining figures by default, probably when it was still Lucida Grande. I’ve been annoyed with the Finder ever since it stopped that.

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Let me see what I can do about this.

I’m working on a solution here that would let the user pick their own font for the List tab. I’m assuming this would scratch the itch?

Yep, that would do it.

Great. Check out the latest beta and let me know how this works for you.

Thanks, that works well at whatever the default size is.

Now that you can select the font-size as well, the line-spacing doesn’t expand with it:


The alignment of note numbers on left also becomes different as well.

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Thanks for reporting these issues @wgrace! See the latest beta for an improved version with three fixes.

  1. The row height is now being adjusted to accommodate the font size.
  2. The clipping of the bottom of the text for all fields other than the Title field has been corrected.
  3. And also, as a bonus, while trying to figure out how to fix these two problems, I stumbled across a way to get a system font with monospaced digits, so this is now being used as the default font for the List tab. :wink:

Nice! This works great now.

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