Beta Version 13.9.2 Available for Testing on February 11th, 2024

If you are interested in the discussion about Non-unique titles and filename field, then you may want to check out this new beta. So far it only has UI elements to change the note id configuration for a collection, but this should give you some idea of how this might work. See the new ‘Note ID Config…’ menu item beneath the Collection menu to see how one might change the way notes are uniquely identified.

This beta version is no longer available. Look for a later beta release or the most recent Mac App Store release.

For those who haven’t tested across more than one collection, the field selector is populated from the template file. It allows you to choose from the fields in your current collection.

Choosing the “Code” field as a file name is going to test the capacity of the OS :wink:

I wonder if precluding the long-text fields is sensible?

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Yes, good point. A code field should not appear in the list as an option.

The UI looks good! The App seems to freeze when opening some collections but I am ignoring that for now.

The beta is freezing when opening certain collections? Any messages in the Log window? Anything different about the ones that are freezing? Do they ever “unfreeze”, or do you have to force quit the app?

The Beta App reproducibly froze when I opened a particular collection and I hadn’t encountered this with the regular App before, so I assumed it had to do with the Beta. But, now I am not sure. The App Store version of Notenik also crashed when I opened the collection and this is very rare.
When I looked at the Collection folder in Finder, I found that in addition to the - INFO.nnk file, there was another one - INFO (…-MacBook-Pro.local’s conflicted cop… 2024-02-10).nnk Not sure if this was created by the OS, Dropbox or had something to do with the Beta. It is possible that the same collection was open on two different computers with the App Store Notenik on one and the Beta on another at the same time, but I am not sure.

After I deleted the conflicted copy, the Beta no longer seems to crash. I hadn’t looked at the Log when it crashed and it no longer crashes now, but if I find it crashing again, I will save the Log output.

Yes, historically it is DropBox that creates duplicate files with one identified as a conflicted copy, and that is very likely what threw Notenik for a loop. I’ll try to recreate and see if I can get it to misbehave for me, and then I should be able to see where the problem is.


I tried replicating your problem but couldn’t get Notenik to crash for me, even with a conflicted copy of the .nnk file. I’m wondering if you could zip up your Collection that’s freezing, and email it to me at If it’s sensitive data that you don’t want to share, then that’s ok too.

I restored the duplicate .nnk files I had deleted from Dropbox. It froze once, but I can’t seem to reproduce the problem in totality. Unfortunately I didn’t store the log immediately after the App froze this most recent time. I can still send it across if it’s helpful.

No, that’s ok. No need to dig up the log file.

I think the latest beta should fix any problems associated with conflicted copies. Let me know if not!