Crash if you quit IMMEDIATELY

If you cmd-Q immediately (e.g. cmd-O in the Finder then cmd-Q right away), Notenik crashes.

I suspect it doesn’t expect you quitting before its set up its window, etc… But of course it shouldn’t crash. (I had originally meant to open Notes, but then figured out how to repro this crash.)

Thanks for reporting this. Let me look into it.

The latest beta has a few changes to try to prevent something like this. Let me know if it happens to you again.

Thanks again for reporting! And welcome to the Notenik community!

I can still make it happen in 14.1.1.
I have the Notenik Tips and Notenik Knowledge Base windows come up on launch, in case that’s relevant…
just cmd-O and very quickly cmd-Q (even when it LOOKS like the Finder is still frontmost), and it’s easy to make happen.

OK. Good feedback. I think I’ve found the problem now. The next beta should have a fix.

Thanks again!