Notenik 14.1.2 Available for Testing on March 23rd, 2024

A couple of changes here that are ready to be tested.

Pretty sure I’ve now fixed the problem causing Notenik to Crash if you Quit Immediately. Hoping that @mattack can verify.

Also still hoping that @oddballs can verify I’ve fixed the problem with queries not handling Markdown properly.

Also I added some features to allow Notenik to be used to display a Daily Quote. No one requested this other than me, but others might find this useful. See the beta Knowledge Base within the beta app for more info on this.

This beta version is no longer available. Look for a later beta release or the most recent Mac App Store release.

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Thanks @hbowie - can confirm that it does fix things for newly created query reports. Existing ones still don’t render the markdown but that is ok - can easily recreate what i was working on.

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I tried a bunch of times, and can’t make it crash anymore.

I did notice one minor anomaly though.
On the first launch AFTER the “fast quit”, the two windows that come up are staggered (the knowledge base window slightly down and to the right of the tips window).

But quit and relaunch again, the windows are back to different locations (though it seems like maybe the locations they were hardcoded originally, since it’s NOT the locations I had placed the windows on the previous regular launch). I have no idea if this is an app issue or an OS issue overwriting window location settings in the “quick quit” case (that previously used to crash).

Heck, since I was trying to quit anyway, I’m glad you even fixed the crash… some people might not have thought it was worth it.

Notenik has some logic to reset its settings to default values if it doesn’t launch successfully (on the theory that some non-default setting might have contributed to a crash).

In this case, your “quick Quit” may not have allowed Notenik to proceed far enough in its usual initialization to signal that it had launched successfully, thus causing it to revert to its default settings on the next launch.

I imagine this is the root cause for the windows going to different locations.

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense.

In terms of fixing this bug, I don’t pretend my code is perfect, but if a problem is serious enough for a user to report it to me, then I figure it’s worth my time and attention to try to fix it.

Thanks for reporting it, and for testing!