Edit Font Sizes in Quick Action Window

Hello Herb,

I think that it may be helpful if users were allowed to adjust the font sizes for the Quick Action window like how we are able to for the primary Notenik window. While on the subject of the Quick Action feature, it may also be useful if it were a global shortcut so that it can be evoked from other applications.

Thanks, as always.

These are both reasonable ideas. Thanks for suggesting them! Let me think about these a bit and see what I can do.

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@ThePrinter With the latest release you should be able to easily implement a global shortcut to pop open the Quick Action window. Let me know if any questions or issues!

Thanks Herb. I’m having some trouble figuring out how to set up the Quick Action global shortcut.

By default, CONTROL-Q does not allow the Quick Action window to appear when Notenik is not the active/focused window. Is there something that I’m not doing in order to implement the shortcut?

Here are some instructions. I’m also attaching the Shortcut I created. Let me know if this helps!

Quick Action Global Shortcut

Here’s how to set up a global shortcut to invoke the Notenik Quick Action window.

  1. Make sure you have at least Notenik 11.3.0 installed on your Mac.
  2. Open the macOS Shortcuts app.
  3. Create a new Shortcut using the item beneath the File menu.
  4. Give your Shortcut a name. I called mine “Notenik Quick Action”.
  5. Type in “open app” in the search bar at the top right of your new Shortcut window.
  6. Find the Scripting action that says “Open App”. Either double-click it, or click and drag over onto the empty action list on the left. Then select Notenik as the app to be opened. (This is optional, but ensures that Notenik is open before trying to open its Quick Action window).
  7. Type in “Notenik” in the search bar at the top right of your new Shortcut window.
  8. Find the Notenik action that says “Open Quick Action Window”. Either double-click on it, or click and drag over onto the empty action list on the left.
  9. Now, back over on the right, click on the lower case ‘i’ in the circle, just above the search bar. You should be on the “Details” tab.
  10. Click on “Add Keyboard Shortcut”.
  11. Assign a keyboard shortcut. I used CTRL-OPT-CMD-N.
  12. Notice that the Shortcuts app will automatically check the box that says “Use as Quick Action”, select the Services Menu item, and place a box on the left that says this Shortcut can receive any input, and to continue if there’s no input. Just accept all of that.
  13. Now close the window for your new Shortcut.
  14. Close the Shortcuts app.
  15. Now you should be able to use your new keyboard shortcut, even while in another app, to open the Notenik Quick Action window.

Notenik Quick Action.shortcut.zip (11.4 KB)


Ah, I see. Using the Shortcuts app is a rather intuitive approach. I’m still running Big Sur so I can’t use it just yet. In the meantime I’ll think of an alternative method.

Nonetheless I hope that this is helpful to everyone running Monterey. I’d be interested in observing other ways that Shortcuts and Notenik could play together in the future. I’m all for Mac apps taking full advantage of the macOS ecosystem.

Thank you, Herb!

Oh, I see. In the past Apple had other ways for apps to provide a universal keyboard shortcut but now, as far as I can tell, providing a Shortcut action is the only method they really seem to endorse going forward. Sorry it’s not working for you on Big Sur.

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No worries. I understand Apple’s motives and I appreciate your time and effort.