Functional Task Lists

Allow us to interact with Task Lists in display mode.

Task lists in markdown sit on the fence that separates productivity and shoot-me-now territories. I’m happy enough generating a task list, provided the task list provides me with the yummy, check/uncheck behaviour. At that point the extra effort of adding braces and spaces pays off.

  • Recycling
  • Update Blog
  • Check references

Interactive Task Lists are not supported in Notenik. They would be a welcome addition.

My current use case
I obtain a description of my current project in XML. The XML is designed to describe the project, not to be human readable. I use Xpath/XSL to obtain information, which is always list of things that need to be done. A simple concat command wraps my query output in markdown syntax.
I can store the Xpath query in a code block, place the result in the note block and it looks like this:

  • ST_LastWindowClose
  • Show_Error_Dialog_SP=TitleMessage
  • ST__ParseUserEnteredDate__SP=Field
  • ST_OnLayoutKeystroke__Filter

At this point, I simply want to be able to check boxes.

  • Click empty checkbox

I don’t want to do it in a spreadsheet. Nor do I want to

  1. Enter edit mode
  2. Relocate the item. The content is now in a different font in a different screen position
  3. Work with a smaller and more complex target
  4. Type without errors
  5. Return to display mode

A Notenik collection provides me with a simple record of actions, so I don’t miss items, and a reference tool which preserves my work. (Getting an xpath query correct is subtle art, so having a clip library of known good queries is valuable).


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I hear you. Let me look into it.

Version 13.4.0 (573) is having problems synch the Edit view with the Display view.

When I make a change in display view, the checkbox state toggles on/off. When I enter edit view the checkbox state has not been modified. If I do not make any changes in edit mode and return to display mode the desired state (the state that reflects my input in display mode) is displayed.

Look at the third checkbox in both screenshots to see the issue.

The way this function is defined, a checklist item is sort of a special type of unordered list item, which means that you need to have a dash and a space before the square brackets. I’m not seeing the dashes and spaces in the screenshot you sent. Could you try adding those and see if it works?


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The dash-space prefix was entirely absent, and once they were inserted everything works perfectly.

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I’m wondering if this markdown code falls into the “you’re doing it all wrong!” category.

- [X] Active state of dashboard buttons should be white.  
     - created new style for this
- [x] Inactive state of studentdetails->send message layout->send message button text too small.  
     - Corrected font size
     - Corrected button Position 
- [] Messages button on Prefs lyt doesn't navigate to Messages

The reason that I curious is because I’m getting mixed results with the checkbox. Some of the boxes have retained their state but some don’t. I know they do sometimes because a bunch of them are checked. However, a few stubbornly refuse to retain their state.

They change state correctly, turning on/off, when I click on them but they don’t save state. When I move to another item and return they’ve reverted from being checked to unchecked.

Let me know if you are still having problems with the latest beta.

If you are, it would be helpful to know how you are navigating away from the note, before returning to find the state hasn’t been retained.

The behaviour is rock solid. I tried it out with a few funky variations, the sort of stuff that results from cut/paste mishaps, and it didn’t blink. Correct every time.

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Oh good. Thanks for reporting and testing!

Found an edge case here.

  1. Mark an item check or uncheck
  2. Use the increment status command the toggle status command.
  3. The status is adjusted but the item just checked/unchecked returns to it’s previous status.

Workaround is to save the note prior to using the keyboard commands to toggle or increment status.

Thanks for reporting this! I see the problem and believe I have fixed it for the next version release.