Functional Task Lists

Allow us to interact with Task Lists in display mode.

Task lists in markdown sit on the fence that separates productivity and shoot-me-now territories. I’m happy enough generating a task list, provided the task list provides me with the yummy, check/uncheck behaviour. At that point the extra effort of adding braces and spaces pays off.

  • Recycling
  • Update Blog
  • Check references

Interactive Task Lists are not supported in Notenik. They would be a welcome addition.

My current use case
I obtain a description of my current project in XML. The XML is designed to describe the project, not to be human readable. I use Xpath/XSL to obtain information, which is always list of things that need to be done. A simple concat command wraps my query output in markdown syntax.
I can store the Xpath query in a code block, place the result in the note block and it looks like this:

  • ST_LastWindowClose
  • Show_Error_Dialog_SP=TitleMessage
  • ST__ParseUserEnteredDate__SP=Field
  • ST_OnLayoutKeystroke__Filter

At this point, I simply want to be able to check boxes.

  • Click empty checkbox

I don’t want to do it in a spreadsheet. Nor do I want to

  1. Enter edit mode
  2. Relocate the item. The content is now in a different font in a different screen position
  3. Work with a smaller and more complex target
  4. Type without errors
  5. Return to display mode

A Notenik collection provides me with a simple record of actions, so I don’t miss items, and a reference tool which preserves my work. (Getting an xpath query correct is subtle art, so having a clip library of known good queries is valuable).


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I hear you. Let me look into it.