Notenik 14.3.5 Available for Beta Testing on April 27th, 2024

This beta adds a bulk edit capability, available from the contextual menu on the List tab.

This beta version is no longer available. Look for a later beta release or the most recent Mac App Store release.

Thanks for adding this feature. It works really well in my testing. Even the Folder field can be edited in bulk!

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All my tests succeeded. Excellent!

The thing that occurs to me now is that the method of selection could be greatly enhanced if we were able to select the set of notes we want to edit by searching, rather than by pecking.

I have a couple of ideas that utilise existing behaviour. One is to use tags. Either by selecting any tag in the Tag view, e.g., by control-clicking the tag (generating a submenu which includes the Bulk Edit option). Or by searching, similar to the “Replace Tags” dialog. In this case, the tagged notes would then be selected in the list view, ready for editing.

Another option would be to run a query, the report window could carry a “Bulk Edit” button, and the replace would act on the notes found by the query.

Check out the latest beta for the ability to invoke a bulk edit from the Tags tab. You will have to select the Notes beneath the tag itself, but this should not be too difficult, since you can always shift-click to select a range.

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