Notenik 14.3.6 Available for Beta Testing on April 29th, 2024

This adds the ability to invoke the new bulk edit screen from the Tags tab, after selecting one or more Notes on the Tags tab. Thanks to @Malcolm for the suggestion!

This beta version is no longer available. Look for a later beta release or the most recent Mac App Store release.

Thanks for implementing that @hbowie.

It took me a couple of tries as I learnt how to use it.

My tags look like this:

> creator
     > Bnny
         > Missing
    > Nubian Twist
         > Carry Me
    > T-Bone Burnett
         > He Came Down

I hoped that selecting a tag would select the entire branch but selecting creator did nothing. I expanded to display the next level and selected the three creator names, again, that wasn’t sufficient. Finally I expanded to display note names. Selecting all notes by click-n-drag finally got me what I wanted.

Would it be possible to select all the notes for editing by selecting a tag. For example, by selecting creator I would automatically be selecting all the notes within that tag hierarchy?

I’m assuming that if you want to select all the notes beneath a single tag, that’s easy enough to do: you just reveal those notes, and then click and shift-click to select the full range. But I’m curious as to what sort of change you would be wanting to make to a bunch of notes across multiple tags? I’m just trying to picture the use case. Thanks.

In this case, I’m using tags as a simple way to generate an index of works by musicians. I’m using two top level tag sets at the moment: creator and artwork. For example, “creator.Bnny”, “artwork.One Million Love Songs” are the two tags for the note Missing. My use case in this situation is to populate or to modify fields that are boolean, to check them.

In my experience, the need for bulk edit is mostly at the outset, when setting up a new collection. I’ll add a field and want to apply a value in the field.

OK, that’s helpful. Thanks. Let me look into this a bit further.