Subtags do not link to the Tags outline in the same way as "simple" tags

Using dot or underscore to generate tag hierarchies is great. They have the amazing side-effect of creating outlines in the Tag pane. However, they don’t share the same function as a simple tag.

When I click on a simple tag ( a single word without separators ) it selects that tag in the Tags pane and reveals the list of notes. Clicking on any tag that does include separators will not afford the same pleasure. The most it will do is collapse any currently open tag lists.

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I can confirm this with 12.5.3 beta:

  • tag education works as expected
  • tag education.primary takes me to the tags list, and closes all disclosure triangles (both education and unrelated tags)

Good catch, @Malcolm! And thanks for confirming, @ErikMH!

I believe I’ve got this fixed in my current dev build. Won’t post a beta immediately, but may again when I get another improvement incorporated.

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