Version 12.9.0 Released on September 15, 2023

Another new Notenik release is out, and available in the Mac App Store. This release is a little bigger than usual, so it’s a long list of fixes and enhancements.

  • The Set Local Link command was not working correctly, and this has been fixed.

  • A Note with a local link can now be created by dragging a file (something like a PDF) onto the List Tab for a Collection, then dropping the file after an existing row.

  • A new command beneath the Note menu can convert a local link to an attachment.

  • The Author Name Variable Modifier now does a better job of extracting all last names for works with multiple authors.

  • The Wiki-Style Links Mod has been enhanced to recognize Wiki Links between Collections, and to handle them in a way that works when generating HTML pages.

  • Added a new export option to generate a single HTML file containing an outline structure housing all of a Collection’s Notes.

  • Fixed a problem affecting the Rank field. This should now be working as advertised.

  • Added a new option for Sharing a single Note to use a Merge Template to format the output to be shared.

  • Fixed the handling of Level 1 headings with digits immediately after the number sign.

  • When using Wiki Links between Collections, Notenik will now honor the Collection setting to Create Notes for Missing Wiki Link Targets.

  • Apostrophes are now allowed in file names.

  • Added a new HTML style for checklist items.

See the Knowledge Base for additional info.

This release should address the following items:

Enjoy! As always, let me know if problems or additional requests!

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