Ability to use relative paths for local files

I’m breaking this out from the original post by @rkp135 to allow more focused discussion of this specific request, which was:

Ability to use local paths for files. I really enjoy storing links to local files on my computer in Notenik collections and being able to click on the list to open them. However, I find myself wishing that the file paths specified could be relative paths so that when I move or archive the “project folder” which has the files and the collection, the links still work.

A few questions here:

  1. Are we talking only about relative links for files stored somewhere within the Collection folder? I’m assuming we don’t want relative links for files located elsewhere.

  2. Would the links be relative to the Collection folder?

  3. For files stored within a Collection folder, is it ok to always make such links relative, rather than absolute?

I’m interested in answers from @rkp135 and from others as well.

My proposed structure for my project folders was something like this:

  • a parent folder, say “Project A”
  • a Collection sub-folder, say “Bookmarks for Project A” which housed the bookmarks relevant to the project and had links relative to either the Collection folder or the “Project A” folder.
  • various files stored in the parent folder and in sub-folders.

So, to respond to your questions:

  1. I haven’t tried it and perhaps storing the Collection in the parent folder (“Project A”) rather than a separate (“Bookmarks for Project A”) itself will also work for my purposes. My original idea was for relative links for files stored in the parent folder of the collection.

  2. Yes - the other option, if links relative to the parent folder were allowed, would be to make it relative to the parent of the Collection folder .

  3. Yes, for me at least, that would work well. It would make the Collection folder portable.

I am going to try out the latest beta to see how well this works. Thanks for incorporating this feature so quickly!


File links to folders even in the parent folder of the collection seem to work in the latest beta, so the current solution works well for my purposes!