To Do List Prioritization

Hey, I’ve just posted a Notenik To Do List, and I want to solicit feedback in terms of priorities.

If you see something on there that you are particularly yearning for, then please post a reply here, and let me know.

Please limit yourself (at this point) to your top three items, at most.


Here are my top 3 priorities from high to low:

  1. 100 YAML Fields Issue
  2. 110 Editing Experience
  3. 101 Bulk Edit a Set of Notes

Thank you!

Mine are:

  1. 101 Bulk Edit a Set of Notes
  2. 100 YAML Fields Issue
  3. 110 Editing Experience
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  1. 101 Bulk Edit a Set of Notes.
  2. 110 Editing Experience

The rest of the items on the list are things that I’d like to see too but these two are things that I’ve regularly bumped into.

Please vote if you haven’t already. To Do List Generated on Saturday, April 20, 2024 - #2 by oddballs

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The latest beta adds a bulk edit capability.

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